What is a virtual office?

A virtual office provides a business with a professional address and other office related services whilst saving the overhead costs having a physical office space can involve. A virtual office allows a small business to work remotely from a home address whilst maintaining a professional image. Services offered can include call handling, postal services and meeting room usage which can be used to have videocalls with clients. At our Gateshead Business Centre, we not only offer serviced offices and meeting room hire but offer 4 different virtual office packages so there is an option to suit every business.

How do I know if a virtual office is right for me?

To be able to identify if you need a virtual office, you will need to identify several factors. These factors can include budget, size of your business, services offered and your brand image.

If you have a small budget and do not want the overhead costs of renting or leasing an office, then a virtual office may be the option for you.

The size of your business may also impact your decision on which service will work best for your team. Consider if you have a large team and if they need to be in the same room to complete a project or can they work remotely from home.

There are advantages and disadvantages to every service so you should consider the factors mentioned above as well as the advantages and disadvantages below when deciding if a virtual office is the right service for your business as your business may require serviced office space.

Advantages and disadvantages of a virtual office

Advantages Disadvantages
Lower overheads Lack of physical space to meet with staff and visitors
Less management required Possibility of less productivity in staff
Less opportunity for any conflict within office Staff can become isolated and feel left out of the team
Opportunity to work remotely from home and avoid travel Less community available and team moral if working from different locations

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