We all agree that when you come into the office, you have a plan for the day in order to achieve those goals and one of the main problems can be distractions. By this I mean getting up from your desk to get something and then getting distracted by another task that needs completed. This can be difficult when trying to complete tasks as you begin to half start other things on your list.

Read the list below to see if any of our tips can help you in the office.

  1. Make a list

This may sound like an obvious point, but it is often overlooked and taken for granted. Making a written list helps to make it real. This means you can see all task for the day written down in order for you to prioritise and make sure you don’t miss deadlines.

  1. Clear your space and take no prisoners

This may sound brutal but can really help in the long run. Try purchasing some letter trays which can be used to prioritise workloads and split into your different projects which can help to keep your space organised.

  1. Ensure you have items to hand

By this I mean make sure you regular items such as ruler, stapler and pens are accessible and within easy reach from your work station. You are less likely to get distracted if you stay in your seat.

  1. Review your strengths and weaknesses

It can be really difficult when you are sat as a desk all day to not become distracted by things such as your mobile phone or social media. Make sure you have your phone on silent if you need to concentrate on a project and stay logged out of those social media platforms to avoid that ‘I will just quickly glance turning into a 10-minute newsfeed scroll’ We’ve all been there.

  1. Keep up the success

Once you have spent all that time trying to organise your workspace, don’t let it go to waste. Keep clearing away items on your desk once the work is complete to have a positive work station.

We hope the above can help you feel more organised at work whether this is in your office or whilst working remotely from home. If you are interested in an office, our serviced offices Gateshead have options available to suit your requirements.

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