As businesses start to head back to the office you might be considering the options available for your company after working from home for well over a year.

It’s a good idea to think about searching for an office for your business because it will provide a much-needed change of scenery and comes with other benefits too, including networking opportunities. Here at our business centre in Gateshead, we ensure all our clients are taken good care of and offer a range of serviced offices and meeting rooms. We have also kept our health, safety and hygiene measures in place for visitors and tenants.

Have a read of a few benefits that being in a business centre has:

1) Endless Networking

Our centre is home to so many fantastic businesses, which means that we make sure we celebrate them (take a look at our Facebook, where we’ve given them the spotlight they deserve). Here at Metropolitan house, we have a huge variety of brands occupying our offices and so do many other business centres in and around Gateshead and Newcastle.

If you decide to take the plunge and move into an office space, there is endless networking opportunities. For instance, if you happen to bump into other businesses in a kitchen area, corridor or even if you’d like to knock on doors and introduce yourself, don’t be afraid to talk about the services your brand offers and how you can collaborate or help each other.

2) Brings Your Team Together

Even if it’s only for one or two days a week, being together in an office space will allow your team to discuss projects and ideas in person and have a much-needed catch up. After all, for the majority of us, the pandemic has been quite isolating, so being back in the office gives business owners the opportunity to catch up with employees after a very long time apart.

Our business centre offers meeting, presentation and events spaces. These can seat up to 20 people and have recently been refurbished to give them a fresh, contemporary appearance. If you want to find out more about when they are available, enquire now.

3) Convenience & Great Facilities

When your team is together, the wifi is likely to be much more reliable for everyone as opposed to people being in different places, so you can think of Zoom meetings taking ages to reconnect as a thing of the past! Here at our business centre in Gateshead, as well as having fully serviced offices, there’s also kitchen facilities. Our onsite management team is also happy to help out if our occupants need assistance or have any particular questions.

We hope that we have brought to light the advantages of being in a business centre as opposed to working from home. After all, it would be great to have your team back together in one place after a long time apart to discuss the fantastic ideas they have for your brand.

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