Hi, my name is Ellie and I recently joined the Metropolitan House Team in January 2021 as the front of house receptionist.

I am currently completing a level three business administration apprenticeship; however, I complete daily tasks as the receptionist at Metropolitan House which I am sharing with you all today.

My day begins at 9am when I set up the reception area ready for the day ahead. For me to prepare reception, I will turn on the TV for when visitors arrive, unlock the meeting room to prepare for any meetings that may be booked to take place that day, turn on my PC in preparation to check any emails that I may have received overnight, and I will then turn on the phones to check any voicemails that may have been left for me.

When these activities have been completed, I will assist visitors when signing in and greet occupiers who are also arriving to begin their day at work. Once settled, I then complete a daily health and safety checklist which consists of me walking around the building answering questions to check that the building is always safe for occupiers. If any problems occur, I then go to the Centre Manager to ensure that they are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Later, in the morning, the post usually arrives which I then sort through and put into the occupier’s personal post boxes to ensure that they receive it. When parcels are delivered, I also log them and inform the recipient that they have arrived.

In the afternoon, I then continue to greet visitors and frank any post that occupiers wish to be sent ready for the evening post to be collected.

This is usually what a day consists of whilst working on reception however, like any day in your life, each day is never the same!

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