Creating a high employee morale in the office is imperative for any company. It can bring up productivity and engagement in the workplace and creates a warm environment that everyone enjoys. Here are some tips on how to boost employee morale in the office, to keep that happy environment for everyone!

Encouragement + Communication

Of course, one of the biggest parts of boosting employee morale is encouragement. Encouragement is a key feature to ensure that morale is raised and improved, and it all stems from good communication. Poor communication is one of the biggest contributors for poor morale in the workplace and effective communication can help break the ice and make everyone feel comfortable in a working environment, offering words of encouragement will let employees know they’re being seen and their efforts aren’t going unnoticed. 

Enabling them to keep up their work knowing that it’s being recognised. Communicating in a relaxed manner too can create a friendly environment.

Be Transparent

Transparency is also key for ensuring a good environment and boosting morale, but being transparent with everyone, everyone will be on the same page, making everyone feel equal and creating a trusting relationship between everyone. Letting them know that each of them are trusted equally and aren’t being left in the dark about certain things. Tackling issues head-on and not beating around the bush can help to improve employee morale and lets everyone know they’re a valued member of the team.

Reach A Balance

Reaching a balance between professionalism and being friendly is also important. Being too professional may make employees feel like you’re too unapproachable which could lead to a drastic decrease when it comes to employee retention and morale, it can also make the employees feel like they also have to do the same, thus creating a rather cold environment. Being too friendly however can have the opposite effect and could lead to potential quicker burnout. Reaching a balance between professionalism and friendliness can lead to a boost in morale. 

Advise Team Building Activities

Team building is an important part of office culture. Even if everyone works alone a lot of the time, advising activities for team building can allow everyone to get to know one another, letting them get comfortable with one another letting them know not to be afraid to ask for help and that everyone works together, boosting morale and creating a friendlier environment everyone is comfortable in.


So many things can lead to decreasing and increasing morale in the workplace. One of the most important things to do is to identify what exactly it is that was causing the losses in morale to know exactly what to do to rectify it! But even when morale has gone up, continue to do what you set in motion so morale is constant and everyone is on the same page. It will be worth it when you see the results of a successfully productive and friendly environment!

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